The Kindest Tattoo Parlour In VanCity

Vancouver’s friendliest tattoo, barber, and salon service located in the heart of “The Drive”.

Our shop is committed to community charity work, carrying nontoxic vegan products, and welcoming everyone into our humble little East Van parlor.

We’re here to ink you up, style you out, and help you make a difference in the community.

“No Mud,
No Lotus”

(Quoted from the greatest Buddhist Monk Thich Nhat Hanh, because zen vibes are always good vibes.)

That is our motto because Vancity can be a bit of a murky place, but we truly believe the mud you’ve grown up in can become the source of you blooming in life if you come at it the right way.


With local home grown tattooists and international guest artists we can do any style your heart pleases as long as it’s not some crazy racist stuff, please.. don’t… don’t do that.

We only carry vegan ink, practice the best hygiene and safety measures.


 We have the latest technology in tattoo removal so it’s less time under the laser getting rid of your early 2000’s tribal tramp stamp or your exes name off you!

Let’s clear the past off you before we do something awesome for you, Eli was a jerk anyways.



Putting on makeup everyday can be such a pain in the ass, haven’t you ever wished you had a permanent glow up?

Good news, you can, and we got what you need baby.

Let’s let you leave feeling and looking your BEST!

Our technicians offer:
Lip Blush
SMP (scalp micropigmentation)
Microblading (eyebrow tattoo)